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The most frequently asked questions in our community is how to increase website traffic and get more genuine visitors to our sites. There is no sudden magic formula, but there are various ways to generate our website traffic with few best practices.

We will assess variety of strategies through which you can increase each source of websitetraffic.

To help you out in generating more website traffic to your site, here are some authentic ways to increase your traffic.

1) Your Content must be Optimized

The initial structure of your content must evolve around to gain maximum website traffic. Your articles and blogs must be optimized to attract potential customers. This can only be done by formulating content and putiing it into categorized form that will enable the users to find what they are looking for easily and quickly .

Include keywords and keyword phrases because the Search Engines pick up on themes of related content. If you work a extensively on your article's and blog’s Search Engine Optimisation in this way, you are very likely to generate more website traffic.

2) Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!

It always helps in many ways by getting the word out about your webiste, and the easiest and best way is to advertise. There are mainly two main types of advertising.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is an expensive aproach. Three key types of digital paid advertising are as following

.Advertising through banners of your website on other sites or blogs

.Social Media advertisments with Facebook sponsored ads

.Search engine advertisment such as Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture.

Free Advertising

There are various ways to advertise your webiste without paying. As and example, a word of mouth through social media. If you do not already have certain profiles get your profiles set up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest – they are all free.

Get involved in different groups and pages that are related to website is a great way to get free advertising. If you frequently share other website's social media posts, so with a few quick clicks on social media your own website gets shared and looked upon.

3) Trade or Exchange Links with other websites to gain website traffic

By exchanging links with other various websites, both parties will get advantage and both of the websites enhance their webssite's traffic. The efforts are doubled and doubly beneficial because it seems like both of you are working to generate more website traffic. This way the number of visitors is increased to all the sites that are involved. It allows their sites to be viewed by other members via the surf system. The exchanges go on to enforce a certain credit ratio.Most of the traffic exchange programs are free to join.

4) Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

If you think that SEO is dead? Think again. Optimize your content for the search engines. It is still a most worthwhile practice.
Are you creating internal links to new content? If you are not you must build them.
Meta descriptions? Optimizing your on-page SEO does not take ages, and it surely helps in increasing your organic website traffic.

5) Make Sure Your Site is Fast and Responsive

The days are long gone when browsing was only done on desktop PC's. Today, mostly people use mobile devices to access the website, and if you make your visitors to zoom in and out and scroll around your website, you are basically not presenting good impressions.
Make sure that your website is responsive and comfortably viewable on all devices, including smaller smartphones.

Ever been in a situation yourself waiting for almost more than thirty seconds for a website or web page to load?
If your website takes alot of time to load, your bounce rate will get very high, which surely has an effect on your website traffic ration.
Ensure that your webpages are as optimized as possible, including the sizes of image file, structure of page and the functionality of plugins. The faster your website loads, the more increase in you website traffic.

6)Get your website Listed

An another effective way to increase website traffic is to get your website listed in various online review sites and directories. For most of these websites, your online profile must have an onilne link directly to your website which must be optimzed, so by getting many positive reviews and actively updating these listings you are most likely to result in more website traffic.
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